2024 Pistol Match Schedule

Tuesday Night Fun with .22s (indoor range) done till November

** Below is an initial schedule of outdoor pistol matches for 2024.

More matches will be posted as planning continues.

~These matches and dates are subject to change due to weather, change in format or the addition of matches to the schedule. Always check this schedule for most current match status. Matches may be cancelled due to weather with very little notice but will be posted here.

Eye & Ear protection is mandatory for ALL, including spectators!!

All outdoor matches start at 9:00AM with an entry fee of $5.00.

Please arrive a few minutes early for safety briefing.

Linda Chrabaszcz is the 2023 “Top Gun” Winner

“Must shoot a minimum of 5 outdoor matches to qualify for the TOP GUN title”

~Matches are SUNDAYS but a Saturday is a possibility~

July 21st — ** Centerfire Bowling Pin Match

Aug 4th —- * Timed Steel Match

Aug 11th —- ** .22 RIFLE Bowling Pin Match

Sep 1st —- * Timed Steel Match

~Basic Match Descriptions Below~

* Timed Steel Match: Gun is held in loaded ready position, muzzle pointed at the ground. GUNS: .22lr Caliber Rifles, Pistols & Revolvers, Centerfire PCC, Centerfire Pistols and Centerfire Revolvers, iron sights or red-dot optics are ok.    Stages consist of 5 to 6 steel targets at various distances with the stop plate target being engaged ultimately last and stops your time for that string.  This is a Steel Challenge-Like match but we use our own varying stage designs.  Each of the 3 stages require the shooter to complete 5 strings of fire.   Time is recorded for each string.   Worst or slowest time is tossed out with the 4 best times added together for a total time for that stage. Minimum of 5 magazines or 5 speed-loaders is necessary to move things along.   You may shoot a second firearm in another category of your choice for an additional $5 entry. Bring 100rds Minimum per gun entered. 

** .22lr Steel Plate or Bowling Pin Match: Gun is held in loaded ready position, muzzle touching table. Randomly chosen competitors shoot against each other (Man vs Man) while engaging knock-down targets or bowling pins.   First shooter to get all of their targets down wins that relay.    You shoot a minimum of 5 relays per match, win or lose.  GUNS: .22lr caliber semi-auto pistols, standard 10rd magazines, iron sights and red-dot optics ok. .22 Stingers & .22 Magnums NOT allowed! Bring 100rds Minimum.  (.22 rifles are only used when noted on the schedule)

** Centerfire Steel Plate & Bowling Pin Match description is the same as the .22lr Steel Plate above. .38, 357, 9mm, 40S&W, 10mm and 45ACP pistol calibers can be used but NO larger caliber. Iron sights and red-dot optics ok. Bring 50rds Minimum.

*** Centerfire Tactical Match: Gun is held in loaded ready position or retrieved from table then loaded. No drawing from holsters but the basic format is from IPSC. GUNS: Centerfire semi-auto pistols, iron sights or red-dot optics are ok.  Revolvers are allowed but are not competitive due to round restrictions. Minimum of 2 magazines is a must.    .38, 357, 9mm, 40S&W, 10mm & 45ACP caliber can be used but NO larger calibers. Bring 50rds Minimum.

For information about the Timed Steel Match or .22 Pin & .22 Plate Matches – Call Brian, 508-320-9156

For information about all .22 Rifle, Centerfire Tactical, CF Steel Plate Matches or CF Pin Matches – Call Henry, 413-436-7245